Major Medical Insurance – 7 Reasons Why is it so Important in the UK? Updated for 2024

Updated: 28/06/2024

Is It More Affordable to Take Out a Major Medical Insurance Policy?

Although the United Kingdom has one of the best public healthcare systems in the world (The NHS), it’s not without its disadvantages, such as long waiting times, which can be frustrating for patients and coping with staff and supply shortages.

Unlike other countries, the UK offers free healthcare, however, many people choose to supplement their NHS coverage with private or Major Medical Insurance.

Major Medical Insurance allows people to choose the doctor and hospital they wish to be treated by, and it also gives them a choice in the level of care they receive. It is especially useful if you suffer from a chronic illness or have certain serious conditions.

1. Why is UK Medical insurance so Important?

Whether you are moving to the UK or living here, you need to know about the healthcare system. It’s important to understand the difference between the public and private healthcare systems, as well as how they work together to provide you with high-quality healthcare.

The UK has a free publicly-funded healthcare system, the NHS. This system provides primary healthcare for all residents in the country – including ex-pats – and it covers some secondary care, such as specialist clinics and hospital treatment.

However, there are many problems with the UK’s publicly-funded healthcare system that aren’t covered by the NHS, and this can make it difficult to get proper healthcare in the UK. One of these is the long wait times to see a doctor in emergency rooms.

Another problem with the UK’s publicly-funded healthcare is that it does not cover all services, which means that people can often find themselves having to pay out of pocket for their medical bills when they have an illness or injury.

This can lead to serious financial repercussions, especially if the patient has a life-threatening condition that requires immediate attention.

This is where a health insurance policy can help, as it covers the cost of any healthcare that you receive outside the NHS. This could include the cost of a GP appointment, hospital treatment, or even surgery.

Some companies offer private medical insurance as part of their benefits package for their employees, while others allow their staff to buy a plan on their own. Either way, it is important to shop around and make sure that you are getting the best deal for your money.

As a result, there are many different types of medical insurance policies available in the market. Some are designed for short-term conditions, such as acute illnesses, while others are meant to cover chronic illnesses.

There are also a number of insurance companies that offer global medical coverage. These policies cover the costs of treatment in the UK, as well as in other countries in the European Union and in other parts of the world.

2. Major Medical Insurance Covers – What could be Included?

Most Major Medical Insurance policies are designed to cover inpatient treatments – such as hospital stays and daycare surgery – but there is a range of specialist and supplemental plans that can extend this to include outpatient treatment.

Generally, these policies will be more expensive than the most basic ones, but there are some excellent deals available that allow you to pick and choose the exact cover that suits your needs and budget.

Major Medical Insurance - 7 Reasons Why is it so Important in the UK?

3. Major Medical Health Insurance Plans

It’s a good idea to get a quote from a number of different Major Medical Insurance providers before you buy, so you can compare them and find the best one for your situation.

Some of them offer discounts for people who are already on a policy with them or those who use their services regularly.

Private hospitals are renowned for next to no waiting lists and expert specialists on hand to give you the treatment you need when you need it. So, choosing a policy that covers these areas is extremely important.

Alternatively, you can try urgent treatment centres, which are open at least 12 hours a day and aim to ease the pressure on NHS hospitals. This is a less expensive way to get quick, high-quality care than visiting an emergency room and is often more convenient for many of those living in Britain.

4. There is More Flexibility

The UK’s public healthcare system may have been known for its past efficiency, however; in the present climate, there are more and more occasions when an individual needs more than the basic NHS-based care package provided. In these cases, private health insurance is often the logical solution.

One of the main reasons is that medical treatments are generally much cheaper on a private basis, and the most cost-effective options will be available to you immediately. In addition, you may be able to access specialized treatment that is not available in the public health service.

Also, there are a number of different types of medical insurance in the UK, from simple budget plans to more complex plans that offer coverage across a wide range of services. Some even include cover for travel for health conditions abroad.

5. Major Medical Insurance Coverage Overseas

A UK medical insurance policy is a good investment for any individual, especially if you’re an ex-pat living in the country for an extended period of time.

It’s also a worthwhile way to safeguard yourself and your family should you become ill or injured while on a business trip, as many businesses will include medical insurance in their employee benefits packages.

6. Who Offers Major Medical Insurance

The most important thing to remember is that it’s a good idea to shop around for the best possible deal. There are several providers of UK medical insurance, including Bupa, AXA, and Staysure, with varying coverage levels and premiums.

Fortunately, there are a number of insurance comparison websites to help you find the most suitable option for you, such as These sites allow you to compare various options based on price, features, and a variety of other criteria.

The most important thing to remember is that the right kind of medical insurance is essential for you to have a healthy and happy life, no matter where in the world you live.

The best thing to do is to get in touch with a specialist who can recommend a UK medical insurance policy that’s suited to your unique requirements and financial situation.

7. More Comprehensive Options

One of the biggest benefits of UK Medical insurance is that it is more comprehensive than other medical policies. This is because it covers a wider range of treatments and procedures than other medical insurance policies.

There are a number of reasons why this is so important, but one of the most prominent ones is that it allows you to choose your doctor and hospital if you need treatment.

You can usually see your GP without waiting more than 24 hours, and you can also choose from a wide range of hospitals and specialist centres if you need to go to the hospital for an operation or procedure.

Another advantage of private healthcare is that it is generally less expensive than NHS care. Health insurers take into account your personal circumstances when calculating your premium, and you can usually get a much lower premium for private healthcare than you would from the NHS.

You can also decide whether to opt for a policy that excludes pre-existing conditions for the first two years (moratorium underwriting) or a fully underwritten policy where you give them detailed medical information so that they can make an accurate assessment of your health.

It is important to choose the right option for your needs, as this will make a big difference to your overall cost of cover.

Other factors that influence your health insurance premium include your age, and where you live. Some areas of the country have better access to affordable hospital facilities than others, and this is taken into consideration when determining your premium.

In addition, some private healthcare plans offer extras such as day patient and inpatient cover that are not usually available through the NHS. This is especially useful if you need to undergo surgery or require intensive medical care.

Added to these options, some policies will pay a cash sum when you use NHS care instead of your VHI policy or provide a limit on the amount of cover they will pay for a particular treatment.

Some will also have a co-payment option where you agree to pay a fixed amount for every claim, regardless of how much it costs.

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